Listening to My Body: Understanding Lymphoma Symptoms

I want to share the symptoms of Hodgkin lymphoma that I noticed prior to my diagnosis with you. Most importantly, I hope this video reminds you to continue to listen to your body and that you know your body best.

Picking up on lymphoma symptoms

Even when things feel just a little bit off, raise your concerns to the people around you and be sure to connect with your doctor. Tell your friends and your family about what you are experiencing. Schedule a visit to see your physician to discuss your concerns, even if you think what you're feeling might not be serious. Don’t worry about seeming like a hypochondriac. Any little thing that is “off” or not normal for you needs to be brought up and investigated.

Your body isn’t meant to settle. Your body is going to fight and you will physically see signs of your body gearing up for a fight. I saw this with my own experience with Hodgkin lymphoma.

Know your normal

My greatest advice is to pay attention to your body and stay in tune with what is different from your typical normal. What symptoms did you notice before going to the doctor? Share in the comments below!

Editor's Note: Symptoms of blood cancer can vary from person to person. Fever, night sweats, and a unexplained weight loss of greater than 10% of body weight over six months are typically considered "B" symptoms. Many of the general symptoms of blood cancers can also be caused by other, non-cancerous conditions.1,2

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