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I Met A Virtual Cancer Support Friend!

I met Morgan!!! I met a virtual cancer support friend in real life! It was so AMAZING!!! We met in a support group for post-bone marrow transplant recipients dealing with Graft-Versus-Host Disease.

I decided to join the group because I needed people who understood where I was coming from in regards to living with GVHD. When I joined this group, not only do I feel I gained friends who understand me, but I also feel like I've gained family as well! I remember at first being shy. I wanted to discuss my concerns, but then I saw a post that Morgan wrote and we connected instantly! I found someone who understood my frustrations with GVHD!

Amanda and her friend, Morgan

That was about 2 years ago and we have been friends ever since! So I asked if we could meet in person (YOLO!!!!) and I flew out to see Morgan, her family, friends, town, and fur babies!! I had such an awesome time meeting everyone, the scenery absolutely beautiful! I got to do my very first wine tasting and see the vineyards. I smelled fresh lavender on a lavender farm, danced, smiled, and just enjoyed being present in the moment! 💜

Amanda and her friend, Morgan.

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