Rise to the Challenge

This month has been very challenging. To be transparent it's been hell on earth and I say that because the biggest below was losing my father this month.

A year of pruning

I have to say 2022 has been a year of pruning. I always say things happen for a reason, so when my job started letting people go; I took it as a blessing; even though I LOVED my job!!! You don't hear a ton of people say that.

So I took that extra time to really help/focus on my dad, who supported me through my blood cancer.

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Then my Dad's health took a very fast and quick turn. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, giving him six months to live, and in one week my dad passed. I'm doing this video to encourage someone that even in your darkest moments you still have the strength within you even when you are at a standstill.


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