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Preparing for and Embracing the New Normal

When I was diagnosed, I could NOT wait to be considered a survivor. I was absolutely set on that word and had a countdown until my last chemo was complete. I thought that life would go back to normal and I would get to be a young adult amongst my peers again! I never thought of what was to come next and how I would feel as a survivor. In the video below, I talk about the things and feelings I wish someone would have prepared me for in my new normal.

Share what surprised you about your new normal in the comments below!

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  • Ann Harper moderator
    6 days ago

    @radiant-racheli I always love your posts, first because I like watching videos, but also because you always have a good message. My new normal is changing all the time as I still have cancer and am on the hunt for a cure. Although I’m not a survivor yet, as I do kind of feel a survivor is someone who beat cancer (I know there is controversy about this), I have gone through many changes and know there will be many more to come. It’s quite the awakening to hear you have cancer and although being cured must be wonderful I can only imagine the PTSD that goes along with that. Thank you for sharing.

  • Daniel Malito moderator
    2 weeks ago

    @radiant-racheli It’s always a shock, especially when things you were SURE were going back to normal end up quite the opposite. Hopefully this can help some of the people who are recently diagnose manage their expectations about what they did before. Important. Keep on keepin’ on, DPM

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