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Menopause and 25 years old!

When you think of menopause as a young woman; you would usually think of an older woman. A woman who has had all her children and embracing being a glam grandmama/gorgeous grandma also known as GG.

Transparently, I would never had thought of a 25 year old woman dealing with menopause, which followed my stem cell transplant. Shoot! Like most young women, when our menstrual you start to hear the uggghhh or the famous words "I wish I didn't have periods." Am I right, am right, right?.... and now I wish I had NEVER said I wish I did not have a period. You don't realize what you have and in my case what protected you, until it's gone. Estrogen plays a great role in a woman's body and imbalanced hormones can be a struggle when menopause comes into play following blood cancer treatment.

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