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Live Letter to my Donor

I received a bone marrow transplant in 2015 from an unrelated donor. As part of the transplant protocol for two years, as the bone marrow transplant recipient, I am unable to have contact with my donor and vice versa.

I’m happy to say the two-year restriction on communication is over! I’m so excited, hopeful, and determined to physically meet my donor. We have exchanged a letter through a third party for our communication as of now. The third party is our only way of communication until both parties (donor and recipient) agree to exchange personal information.

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I'd love to meet the woman who saved my life

We have both agreed to one day meet in person. Unfortunately, COVID has made this a bit difficult. I continue to write letters and I figured I would get creative by doing a live letter to my donor, in hopes that she may come across this live letter one day!

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