Hope for my Hope!

Today, I am in tears literally! For years I've asked bone marrow transplant (BMT) doctors and nurses if they have ever seen a women who had a bone marrow transplant and successfully had a baby on their own? For five years everyone has told me "NO".

A lot of women after transplant choose other ways to have children. I prayed and asked God if He would just show/allow me to see and hear another woman, who did transplant and had a baby naturally. Today! I got hope for my hope!

I always have wanted to be a mom

This part of my life as been a struggle, I've always wanted to be a mom. I joined an adolescent young adult (AYA) sexual health post-transplant conference to understand more of this hush-hush struggle in silent because its a hard topic talk about and embarrassing at times. Then there was this woman! 37 years old who had two transplants, had doctors tell her she was in menopause, and naturally gave birth to two kids!!!!!!

That's all I needed and God answered my prayer! Five years later and the answered came! Wow!!!! Hope for my hope! I'm so humble, grateful, thankful, and joyful #BUTGOD

What brings you HOPE?

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