A Way to Heal, a Way to Tell Your Story, or Maybe Both

Last updated: March 2022

Recently, I came up with the idea of making a storyboard. I often go to Be The Match in-person bone marrow registry drives. I love doing in-person drives because people get to see a real example of someone who became a bone marrow donor and saved someone's life. I usually always tell my own personal story.

Then I thought, how impactful can it be if I not only tell, but also show my cancer journey? I created this storyboard to show my cancer journey in a nutshell. As I made this board, I also started thinking about how many others would want to do one, as well. Whether it was to do one to heal from any cancer-related trauma, to tell your own personal story to others, or to show to yourself the things you've overcome, making a storyboard may help you push yourself to the next step of greatness!

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