Have You Ever Heard Of Survivor's Guilt?

Have you ever heard of survivor's guilt? Before I started volunteering for cancer organizations, I could say no, I had never heard the term and I never knew there was such thing as survivor guilt. I even remember a volunteer manager mentioning survivor guilt in a volunteer orientation I participated in - I really did not understand exactly what they meant.

They said volunteering is awesome and in the same sentence said self-care is also important too. I did not realize what they meant until I started volunteering at the hospitals and I had to re-visit my own past to help others. The things other cancer patients and survivors would and will say, their own experience, emotions, and path that they have - there's no way you're not triggered to reflect on your own cancer journey.

I wish that everyone fighting the cancer battle, had the same outcome of surviving and living life to the fullest. Sadly, that's not everyone's story and I wish I could save everyone affected.

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