A woman with her hands clasped in prayer

How I Got Through My Cancer Journeys

Last updated: August 2021

I remember reading a quote from a meme, it's actually funny because it just popped up! I did not go looking for it. At that moment, I was preparing myself to go through cancer all over again with the knowledge that this time it was a MUST to have a bone marrow transplant to save my life.

The quote said, "Your struggles are a survival book, for someone else." That quote has never left my mind since reading it. My weapon of choice to fight my battle(s) was and still is worship and prayer. I do not mean to offend anyone, but my personal relationship with God is my everything. My worship, prayer, tunnel vision on God and his word are what and still keeps me pushing through the resistance - especially at my moments of weakness. My worship is how I fight my battles, there's even a song that speaks of those very lyrics.


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