A birthday cake

Happy Rebirth Birthday! Transplant Anniversary Day!

It's another year and I am here to celebrate my 6th bone marrow transplant birthday! I am 6 years old in the bone marrow transplant world! I don't know about you, but I do my BMT birthdays BIG! I mean the cake, balloons, makeup, heels, a small get-together, and outfit! After all, I literally would not be here today if my unrelated donor didn't say yes to me and to saving my life!

I also celebrate because it took a village to get me back on my feet. I went from the lowest I've EVER been in my life to beginning to embrace every day. I am now able to take a fresh breath of air. How cool is it to be able to have two birthdays?! That has uniqueness written all over! SoΒ I just wanted to share my excitement, my rebirth birthday, and joy with you all, before the day ends!

I'm curious: does anyone else celebrate their BMT birthday? How do you celebrate? Have you been able to meet your donor? How did it go?

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