Even the Strong One Has Breaking Moments

I love superwomen! At times, I want to think that I am superwomen! Call me Super P, P for Panda! I mean, I did see a quote that said "Have you ever seen Superwoman and me in the same place?" lol!

You don't need to be strong all the time

On a serious note, though, with blood cancer, being the tough/strong one all the time is pressure. It's ok to put the cape down for a second or two to breathe and do some self-checking for you. Just think how can you be good for anyone if you're torn/broken down? I'm just here to remind you one! You are not alone, two! Big hugs because it's not easy and things can get tricky, three! You are AMAZING! Four! It's ok to cry, laugh, or just embrace how you're feeling at the moment (I Love You <3). And Five! You are enough and healthy boundaries do wonders. Keep your head up! I know you're doing your best.

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Love Super Panda <3

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