Biological Dentistry and Blood Cancer

We all know seeing a dentist is an essential part of our yearly checkups, and can be especially important for those living with blood cancer. But have you ever heard of biological dentistry? I have had the pleasure of being treated by biological dentists, Drs. Jeff and Maureen Viglielmo, and was highly impressed with the expert care I received.

Why is dental health important for people with cancer?

Here, they will share a bit about what biological dentistry is and what they do. They will also share why keeping up with dental care, especially during cancer treatment, is extremely important. Below, I will share their information and the site they shared if you are in another area but are interested in seeing another biological dentist.


Health Leader articles about blood cancer and its impact on teeth

More information about Drs. Jeff and Maureen Viglielmo can be found at More information about the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology can be found at

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