Anxiety Can Be Such a Downer!

Lately, I've been dealing with anxiety more than I would like to admit. As much as I am outgoing and very high energy, I'm also a hermit crab too! I don't really go out like that and I am very much a homebody.

I've realized this homebody approach has taken a toll on me because I live in my own world and, so when I get around lot of different personalities, I do find it hard at times to be present. I feel just a little bit lost and this really started when I was doing active treatment. There was a point in time that crowds made me sooo nervous and the thought of someone asking me questions about my diagnosis just made me crawl up in a corner and cry (out of just not knowing the unknown).

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I find myself having that same issue, but in different situations where I try to branch out of my comfort zone. I definitely love the process and growth I am making! I just still struggle to do better with not allowing my overthinking to turn into a rabbit hole of thoughts.

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