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Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Survivors

I want to specifically speak with the adolescent young adults (AYA) dealing with cancer. I find that there are lot of gaps for needs within this specific age group. There's still a lot to learn in order to attack the root of these problems.

AYA cancer survivors face multiple challenges

A big challenge AYA survivors are facing is planning for the future now and not later...deciding to have children. Other issues such as dating, sexual health post treatment, starting careers, life being put on hold, usually being the youngest being treated in the hospitals, feeling delayed in development, growing, and maturing into adults.

I find meeting other young adults dealing with cancer helps tremendously to cope with the issues arising. Especially, when a young person can relate to someone in your age group, who is going through similar trials and tribulations.

What's your biggest worry as an AYA cancer survivor?

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