NHL: Over A Year In Remission

Last updated: October 2018

Good day all! I am 67 yrs old and over a year ago, I was diagnosed with marginal zone, B cell NHL with a tumor in my spleen. My spleen was 3x the size it should have been and stretched down to my groin. I was very fatigued and had lost 30 lbs in a year’s time. My PCP sent me to a hematologist/ oncologist when iron did not correct my anemia. The oncologist did a bone marrow biopsy and some blood work, and identified my condition as stage 2b.

I treated in June 2017 with 4 rounds of Rituxan and thank goodness, I went into remission and have remained in remission so far. I feel good and see the oncologist every 3 months for blood work with attention to the Light Chains. I pray I caught this in time. I am encouraged that there is so much developing for blood cancers all the time.

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