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At​ ​, we know that receiving a​ ​blood cancer diagnosis is scary, and it can be difficult to find someone who can relate to your cancer journey. We want to create a space where you can share your experiences and hear from others who understand. Whether you choose to share your personal story, how you manage side-effects and other complications, or just tips for daily life, your voice will resonate with others in the community and help ensure that no one feels alone.

So feel free to share your story about blood cancer here, and remember to check back to frequently to read about how others are coping. To submit a story, you will need to log in, or register if you haven’t already! We hope that these stories will provide comfort and encouragement for our community.

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  • Myelomanotme
    2 months ago

    I sit here wondering what’s worse my Loma or the chemo you need to kill it I’m in year 4 of beating this disease I’ve run out of options with chemo and immunotherapy so I joined a study and this drug is wiping me out the big question is do I continue it or do I stop because of side effects I hate this cancer so much

  • Yolanda Brunson-Sarrabo moderator
    2 months ago

    So sorry for this journey. Yes, chemo does make this not the cakewalk we would like it to be. I’m glad you found a clinical trial that is yet another option. Please continue to talk with your team in how you need to handle the side effects. Wishing you the very best! Please let us know how you make out in treatment.

  • bluchs
    1 year ago

    I was diagnosed with B-Cell Lymphoma stage 4 on June 1st 2015.
    I had IV Chemo, over 40 blood transfusions, dozens of neupogen shots,
    blood clots, pneumonia, allergic reactions to blood ( I needed to get irradiated blood ), plus I had reactions to several antibiotics.
    I was hospitalized about 9 times, totaling about 90 days.
    I lost my independence, and everything I owned, I gave away, donated, or trashed everything,because I believed I was going to die, I lived with my son for 9 months.
    But then after 14 months of treatment and suffering, I was in full remission, WOW!
    It only lasted 10 months.
    Now, I am terminal, my cancer returned with a vengeance?
    But, I am still here, and I am still fighting.
    My oncologist has me on daily Imbruvica 420mg, every day, He said he can not fix this, but the Imbruvica will prolong my life.
    Well now 3&1/2 years since first diagnosed, and I am still here, living on my own again ( still ) and still Hopeful ?
    It is very hard though, I am afraid to go out without wearing a mask ( germs scar me ) with my weakened immune system.
    Plus I am in pain all the time, my spleen feels like it will explode at any time, My oncologist, originally recommended I have it removed, but I got 2 more recommendations ( opinions ) and they both said NO, so I did not have it removed.
    I also went through, radiation therapy on my spleen, it did reduce in size, a lot, and is now only a bit enlarged?
    My depression is now overwhelming , I do take opioids for my pain ( but with all the bad press, I feel like a criminal when I refill a prescription, and I am afraid to tell people, for fear of what they will think?? Plus I can not take antidepressants, because of the opioids.
    I know that this cancer is going to kill me eventually, although I pray for many more years, even if it is with pain?
    I guess that what I am really looking for here, is someone else, with a similar condition, and experiences???
    Perhaps, We can help each other?? My pain doctor, asked my what I was doing, He thought I would have died by now, my oncologist said, it is Gods Will that I am still alive??
    I depend on diet and exercise, ( even when it hurts ) Plus My faith In God of course.
    It was a blood cancer employee, that responded to my comments on Facebook, that brought me here!
    I hope to find some mental healing here?

  • bluchs
    1 year ago

    Anthony Hi! I clicked onto share your story, but all I get is the original page to write a story, I am confused ?? What am I doing wrong?

  • Anthony Carrone moderator
    1 year ago

    No worries, @bluchs! If you follow this link – – it should bring you to a page where you can see other members’ stories. “Marcia’s Story” should be the most recent one you see. Above “Marcia’s Story”, you should see a blue bar that says “Click here to submit your story”. When you click that button, 2 boxes should appear – One for the title of your story, and the other for the actual story. Let me know if that is helpful!

  • Anthony Carrone moderator
    1 year ago

    Hey @bluchs – Thanks for coming to the site and posting your story. I want to make sure your story is seen so you can connect with others going through a similar experience. Are you able to copy and paste your comment to make it a story? You can do that by clicking the “Share Your Story” button towards the top of this page. Let me know if you need any help! I am happy to help connect you with others. Sending positive thoughts your way, Anthony (Team Member)

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