Surviving CML: Diagnosis, Advocacy, and Triumph over Health System Challenges

Next month will be a year since my diagnosis of CML. It was found accidentally, which was shocking since I had no symptoms and had survived thyroid cancer not once but twice. I thought this was the one that would take me.

My Dr told me if this was ten years ago, it would have been a death sentence. I had issues getting my Sprycel (thanks to America's health system) cause insurance wouldn't cover my much-needed treatment. They said I had to pay out of pocket and would cost $17,400 a month.

Thanks to my friends and family that wouldn't give up. They found me an advocacy group that assisted, and now I have 0 copay and found out yesterday I'm completely in remission hematological as well as molecular. My BR-ABL test is completely negative.

Point of the story: you and family should be your own advocates and fight. Letting my hair grow in

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