Listen to Your Body

For nearly five years, possibly longer, I would complain to my doctor about my feet being very sensitive and painful. I had recently moved to an office with a cement floor so I concluded that’s why my feet hurt.

I had a pain in my back, a pain that if my husband touched me there I could go through the ceiling. My doctor did nothing. I broke my collar bone. She sent me for therapy. Nothing healed the pain in my feet and back.

Knowing something isn't right

I became more and more fatigued. Finally, as I was being tested to donate blood the nurse said that she had never seen someone with my high blood pressure even during a heart attack! She advised I needed to see a doctor right away.

As I was going out the door my husband said, “Have the doctor do an X-ray on your back too”. At my GP's office, she prescribed something for high blood pressure and I said, "What about my back?" She saw no reason for anything there.

I said if I go home without and X-ray my husband will not be happy. She reluctantly sent me to the hospital for an X-ray.

Diagnosed with multiple myeloma

Even longer story short; trust yourself. I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, four months of chemo and radiation to get rid of the lesion on my ninth rib, stem cell transplant, 5 years of oral chemo and a total of 12 years later I’m in remission from a stage four cancer.

My oncologist was the greatest! He never once gave me a death sentence. He always said we are going to make this like diabetes. We can live with this. Again, we must take care of ourselves during this process. If your doctor doesn’t listen to you, find a doctor that does!

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