Looking for Someone to Blame

Last updated: September 2018

I was diagnosed with H-pylori in Mar 2015. I was put in an antibiotic regime tha killed the virus. In 2016 I started having stomach pain than in May 2016 I started with back pain and could not bend. My doctor gave me pills and in 2017 send me to physical therapy. It was the worst pain i ever suffered. In October 2017 I was finally put in a MRI and the results were Multiple Myeloma. Never heard of it until that day. I had multiple fractures in my back and a tumor in my lower lumber. Surgery to remove tumor and fix my back was successful. I went through radiation and chemo and went good as well. I always thought my primary doctor was at fault or my past lifestyle came back to haunt me. Six months later I am back at work with little or no pain. I am on Revlamid, Ninlaro, and dexamethasone. I was once fully undetectable but it spiked back up to 29Ul. Today i am at .09ul that is below normal. My goal is to be fully and complete remission. Ninlaro replaced velcade cuz i was getting neuropathy. I get bloodwork twice a month and i am extremely grateful that I can do my normal life. I do not drink or smoke. My kidneys are fully functional and by the way I am only 49 years old. I call myself the multiplemyelomawarrior and live everyday to the fullest.

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