For the past year and a half I felt so weak and fatigued. I had just moved down to a more so part of Arizona. I knew no one. My blood values were bad.

My new primary said nothing. I knew from working in healthcare this was the elephant in the room. The oncologist I chose off of the internet had a great reputation. I liked him. He knew his stuff. Blood work, visits, up and down numbers. Fatigue is still there.

He couldn't put his finger on anything for sure. Ok, I said let's do the hip bone marrow. He said ok but he rather watches my blood values scream bone marrow. I want answers now. So far no word from the initial consult. As to if they will pay. Living in limbo is not for me. The doc is the only good one in this town. I have to move. If the insurance co won't pay what do you do?

Me and my late Aussie Ruby

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