I kept going to the doctor's office and complaining of a headache, fatigue, itching, and just general malaise. The PA would have me go to the lab and say there was nothing wrong with me. After several trips, she was becoming frustrated with me. She said she would send me to the lab one more time and then I would need to go to my neurologist.

After that trip to the lab, the doctor called me on the phone. He said I needed to see an oncologist and he recommended one to me. He sent them a referral and all my lab work. I told him I wanted a copy of all my lab work. I went and picked it up. I knew immediately that I had Polycythemia Vera. My platelets were 968. They had been steadily rising for months. Being a former nurse I picked it up right away.

When I got to the oncologist, he immediately sent me to the infusion center to have them draw off my blood. I was amazed at how fast my headache was relieved. I went a few more times, then was started on Hydroxyurea. I have been lucky it has kept my platelets in check. My RBC and WBC have been low. My fatigue has not resolved and I have SOB, but it may be related to my other health issues. Just thankful for every day.

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