Plasma Cell Leukemia

I was diagnosed with Plasma Cell Leukemia in June 2020. At the time my hemoglobin was 4 and my platelets were 20. I was told I may have 7-10 months to live. I was started on aggressive chemotherapy with CAR-D-PACE. I responded to the chemotherapy and I went into remission and prepared for an autologous stem cell transplant. I underwent an autologous stem cell transplant in November 2020. I am currently in stringent complete remission and MRD negative. I was out of work for a year. I am a family physician. I went back to work part-time doing telemedicine in June 2021. I then switched to full-time in November 2021. I started seeing patients face to face in March 2022. I currently feel pretty good. I am on maintenance chemotherapy with Krypolis and Revlimid. I no longer look at Plasma Cell Leukemia as a death sentence, but rather as a chronic disease that can be treated.

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