Multiple Myeloma and Side Effects: Where Do I Go From Here?

Started Multiple Myeloma treatment late 2018, and in remission since early 2019. You would think I should be relieved and able to resume life as before the diagnosis, but it's not happening. Side effects are really hanging on; fatigue, brain fog, having to use a walking staff because my balance is off, and I just seem to have lost My Normal.

I'll be 75 in August, and it seems my age is a good excuse for my health team to fall back on; maybe elder depression, or ... arthritis. I guess anything is possible huh? Anyway, MM will always be lurking, so I'm doing my best to avoid a relapse which is usually a given... but I'm not accepting that. It sure is difficult to push this monster aside and carry on as before... that phone call. Giving in is not an option. I love LIFE!

A lot of rambling; I apologize.

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