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My Life with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

I was 45 years old and had a baby that was 2 years old and 3 other children, when a routine blood test was suspect that I might have CLL. A bone marrow biopsy taken from my spine confirmed it. They told me I could easily live 20 years.

Being initially symptom free

I had no symptoms and I felt good. Eventually, my white blood count was out of control and I had a round of chemo. Went into remission for a while. I needed a second round a few years later. The chemo was like putting water into my body. I did not have any adverse effects.
I went into remission again. That was 12 years ago. In November it will be 25 years from my diagnosis and I am now 70 years old. I still have no symptoms. My immune system is compromised because I have gotten a few ailments that normally would heal but one took a long time to clear and another has not, so I just have to be under constant observation to make sure if it gets bad I will have to take care of the problem. I can easily fight off a cold and a couple of years ago I had pneumonia and I fought it off with just antibiotics. I never had problems with my lungs or breathing during the illness.

Putting off visiting the Oncologist

I haven’t gone to an oncologist for a few years and now with this virus who knows when it will happen. I also moved recently from NY to Baltimore and I am having trouble finding an oncologist affiliated with Johns Hopkins. I need all kinds of doctors. I would like them all to be affiliated with Johns Hopkins of course. But meanwhile, the only one I do have is an endocrinologist for my hypothyroid.

My initial feelings of devistation

I was devastated initially being young and with a family and 4 children. I always felt a heavyweight on my shoulders knowing I had a deadly disease. I now have 5 grandchildren, the youngest just born 2 months ago. I want to live and enjoy my large and lovely family.
I still have no symptoms and if I get tired it’s probably because I don’t do any exercise and now being quarantined it’s even worse.

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