Multiple Myeloma

I started having symptoms in March 2013, I didn't realize they were symptoms just weird things going on. I had pain in my knee in May 2013 but it wasn't constant. I went for my annual physical in June 2013. I was having difficulty hearing due to roaring in my ears, my knee was bothering me more, and I was losing weight because nothing had any taste. Blood work revealed elevated blood calcium ( you should never have this unless there is something wrong). My GP sent me to specialists for my individual symptoms except for an orthopedist. Said to come back in 3 months. My knee kept getting worse to the point I could hardly walk. 3 months later still all the symptoms no improvement. I finally made an appointment with an orthopedist, took x-rays thought in it was a torn medial meniscus. Ordered an MRI that revealed tumors in my leg. I had kidney damage by this point. I ended up in the hospital for 10 days trying to avoid dialysis. Started 6 weeks of radiation to my leg and my cranial bones which were inflaming my cranial nerves causing hearing problems and weight loss. Did about 2 months of chemo into February. At the end of March 2014 had an autologous stem cell transplant. Have been in remission ever since. I have maintenance chemo shot every 2 weeks. Kidneys are getting a tiny bit better every nephrologist appointment.

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