Living with Multiple Myeloma

In 2016, started having some health issues. After numerous tests, including a fat pad biopsy, a kidney biopsy, and a bone marrow biopsy I was told I had Multiple Myeloma in October 2017. I was told with treatment and possibly a stem cell transplant (STC), I should be able to live a fairly normal long life.

I asked my Dr. what is a "normal" life? Happy to say that after 7 months of chemo and the SCT, I am living a fairly normal life. On September 22nd, 2017 I had my SCT, this year will be my 5th anniversary. I have been in remission since the STC, 3.5 years while still on a small dose chemo drug, last 1.5 years completely chemo free!

The biggest impact this had on me was the outpouring of care, well wishes, and help from our small community, things like a random card in the mail with a check, people leaving coolers on the porch full of pre-cooked meals for the family, people offering to drive me to doctor's appointments, and messages on Facebook asking how I am doing if I don't post things for a while as well as other things. I have been truly blessed by all that has happened these last few years, and I feel that I have become a better person, more in touch with others and what they might be going through.

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