Living With Lucy Part 4

Now I need to tell you that Lucy is still mean. Yes, the targeted therapy helps, and I feel good. But my arms and hands get black and blue bruises, and red spots that the doctors say are topical show up on my face, neck, shoulders, and arms. I guess she beats on me at night when I’m sleeping. She makes sure that she leaves her mark!

A higher risk for skin cancer

Another way that she is mean is that she makes me much more likely to get skin cancer. Yes, I’m a Floridian in my mid-seventies so of course I have some skin cancers, but she seems to think I need more squamous cell ones. The targeted therapy also increases the chances and I have to avoid the sun. About every six months I seem to need a growth biopsied and removed. That means I must go off the targeted therapy since it is a blood thinner. That Lucy makes sure my life is not as simple as it looks from the outside.

Lucy uses psychological warfare too. I love gardening. I love flowers and vegetables, butterflies, and birds. Growing the plants of native Florida is a passion of mine. So, Lucy has tried to mess with me psychologically by not allowing me to be outside during the daylight hours except for sunrise or sunset. But I’ve shown her a thing or two! I became a Master Gardener and I write articles about those plants and butterflies and birds so that other people can learn and be better at it! I even consult with a few friends over the phone or by text to help them create a healthier environment for both us and wildlife.

Making the most of living with Lucy

So how do I make the best of living with Lucy? I’m a woman of faith, and that faith in God gets me through many things and helps me live a great life even with Lucy. I pray a lot and often make others the focus of most of my prayers. I work hard not to fall into pity party mode.

I am a goal-setter and I always have projects that I’m working on. I lead committees and plan activities that I don’t even attend! I use Zoom to stay in touch with the groups that I participate in. I call friends, text, email, and use social media for positive relationships. During the COVID pandemic, I wrote three devotional books. So far, Lucy has not stolen my desire to be a productive citizen.

I stay active too. So far, Lucy has not stopped me from exercising and walking. Sometimes it is challenging, but I still do it. I know my body will benefit from it and I enjoy it. Walking is also a good time for prayer. If I walk pass your dwelling, I may be praying for you if I’m alone although sometimes I walk with a friend. Another thing I do is make sure I eat healthy foods, but I enjoy those desserts also! They help me to not lose weight, so I figure eating them in moderation is good.

Not giving up

Living with Lucy has challenges, but they are not nearly as severe as some of the challenges you may live with. And I keep hoping the oncologists and researchers will find a way to do more than just control her and actually make her move out of my body. It would be good if they could learn to prevent her from moving into people so no one else ever must deal with her or any of her cousins.

One last thing: I’m not going to give up, so Lucy, go jump in the lake, you mean girl!!! And I don’t mean for a swim either.

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