Hope Through Treatment for CML

I was diagnosed with CML in 2014. I was devastated, as I had already been fighting MS. By the grace of whatever higher power you believe in, I stumbled into the best group of medical professionals of all time.

It was a very frightening time full of changes, in my ability to keep working, my fight with Social Security for disability benefits, and it goes without saying the physical and emotional struggles. I came dangerously close to giving up. My Granddaughter was the reason I didn't. I wanted to see her graduate from high school.

I did a Sprycel regimen for five years, was in remission for three years, and then my Oncologist, with tears in his eyes, pronounced me cured. Imagine that!!! Cured of an incurable condition!!!

Not only did I see her graduate, but now she has become a Mother. My Great-grandson is five, and I have also added another Grandson; he just turned eight. I was so busy getting through each day that I didn't even imagine a future. It took some time to recalibrate my mind to living life instead of fighting for life.

I am so grateful for the support of a great medical team, and of my family and friends who did not ever waver. There is one take away from my experience, and that is blood cancer treatments have come a very long way, and I am living proof that it is now a winnable fight...never surrender!!!

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