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Hodgkins Lymphoma...What?

In 2021, I suddenly was faced with extreme vertigo and balance issues. My doctor diagnosed it as a sinus infection. I went to the local walk-in where I was treated for an inner ear infection. Again, my balance worsened, and they sent me to an audiologist and an ENT. I fell at work, which forced me to go to the ENT. He referred me to my original ENT in 2005, where I had an acoustic neuroma brain tumor removed. It was there, my doctor said NOT an acoustic neuroma, maybe MS, didn't really know. He set me up with vestibular testing, a neurologist, an eye specialist, and all kinds of blood work.

In Jan 2022, I was diagnosed with cerebellar ataxia, a Central Nervous System disorder. I lost hearing in my only hearing ear, had double vision, nystagmus, balance issues where I was prescribed a rollator/walker, and peripheral neuropathy. In March of 23, during a CT, from falling and hitting my head, they noticed nodes in my neck were enlarged. Biopsy ordered. The rest is history. Classic Hodgkin's disease. I've done 12 cycles of chemo, lost my hair, grew it back (lots of chemo curls!), and now scan shows growth again...

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