Essential Thrombocythemia and Lymphoma-Large B Cell

Last updated: March 2019

I was diagnosed with Essential Thrombocytemia in July of 2017 and started on treatment shortly after that. My biggest complaint was fatigue but I continued to work my parttime job. In June of 2018, I started running a temperature, my fatigue worsened and I lost my appetite. After a CT-scan was done and a mass was discovered in my right adrenal gland. A biopsy confirmed stage 4 large B-cell lymphoma. An MRI followed and I had 4 lesions in the lining of my brain. This was a shock to me and to my family, but I agreed to strong double chemo: R-Chop and 4 methotrexate treatments in my spine. It was rough but I am now in remission. Still battling some fatigue but thankful to be alive.

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