Strokes & My Cancer: Essential Thrombocythemia

In March of 2014, I had a stroke. Come to find out after an MRI I had had multiple strokes. Four months later on my stroke journey of doctor after doctor, I found an amazing Internal Medicine Dr who looked like she was in high school.

She had taken the time to read all my medical records going back some years and had noticed my platelets were always high. So she sent me to a hematologist/oncologist and low and behold after many tests including a bone marrow biopsy it was confirmed I have essential thrombocythemia (ET)!

Essential thrombocythemia

What the heck is ET? It's a very rare blood cancer it's long formal name is essential thrombocythemia. See why we say ET!?

I produce too many platelets which can create blood clotting (which it did and hence my strokes). I was also confirmed to have what they call a positive Jak2 mutation. That mutation is like a light switch stuck in the on position constantly producing platelets.

Continuing my journey

Currently, I'm on oral chemo for life since this is chronic leukemia and I'm also on blood thinners. I'm doing good now. I'm usually quite fatigued for the most part, but no longer suffer intense complex migraines, which lead to the strokes before treatment.

My platelets are currently hovering around 550-700k but have been as high as almost a million. Normal readings are 150-400k!

Yep, I'm rare in so many ways, even my personality and characteristics. This is my journey through and since I survived so much I never miss an opportunity to share my story.

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