Diagnosed Too Late

My significant other of many years had been suffering from eczema for several years. He was a survivor of kidney cancer and esophageal cancer. The end of January 2017 he had his 5-year span from esophageal cancer and it was all clear.

In March 2017, had blood work with his primary care and white blood count was high. At the beginning of May, his eczema really flared up or so his dermatologist though. He ended up being referred to two different Drs. The second was a hematologist/oncologist. He was diagnosed in the beginning of Nov. with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and (rare) Sezary syndrome. Had 2 rounds of chemo but passed on Dec 18th.

If you know anyone with eczema or psoriasis, please tell them to have blood checked and if their skin gets extremely red to have skin biopsy.

If only they found this sooner.

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