2 Treatments Finished. Both Times UMRD. Off All Meds

I was dx 2017 with high tumor burden Trisomy12 unmutated CD38 positive and hyperleukocytosis which can happen in chronic disease but rather happens in acute leukemias. I was included in the CLL13 study Ibrutinib Obinutuzumab and Venetoclax after 8 months I was UMRD and was off all meds for 30 months but at the end of 2020 I relapsed due to EBV and was treated with Obinutuzumab and Venetoclax I was UMRD since March 2021 after 6 months but continued on Venetoclax to get a deeper remission. I just had my checkup and I’m still UMRD tested in 1 Mio cell and I’m off all meds I have no other health issues so I only take L Thyroxine for my thyroid I will be 73 in 2 months.This was taken in November 2020

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