So Sure My Orthopedic Surgeon Was Wrong!

I had severe arthritis in both knees and needed knee replacement but my Orthopedic surgeon was concerned about the bruises on my legs. I didn't think it was a big deal as I was 76 at the time, my skin was thin and sun-damaged but he didn't buy it. He thought I might have Leukemia and insisted I go to MD Anderson for a blood workup.

I reluctantly agreed as he wouldn't do the surgery until I got the results. Imagine my surprise when I was diagnosed with CLL! I had to apologize to him but also thank him for insisting I get the blood test. I finally had the right knee replaced after 2 postponements, one due to Covid closing surgery unless life-threatening and one due to my anemia.

Finally did get the right knee replaced and had planned on getting the left one done this fall but then my status went from a wait and see to needing treatment. Started treatment 2 weeks ago. An immunotherapy which has proven to work well with CLL patients.

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