Cancer no way!

Hi,my name is Donna, on June 19 2022. I was diagnosed with stage 4 cll and sll! I was in the hospital for 45 days 21 blood transfusions 18 platelet transfusions numerous shots in my stomach for wbc's I did 3 rounds of chemo (rituxan and bendamustin) first 2 rounds were easy 3rd one I developed a brutal rash all over my body! It was like a million needles and pins being poked into my skin and serve burning! Taken off that chemo. Started taking imbruvca in October. On April 6th I was told I was in remission! Feeling really good no side effects! walking and biking again..GOD IS GOOD🙏Still on imbruvca! Praying all a beautiful remission🙏

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