Cancer x 5

I have suffered and survived, breast cancer, a double mastectomy. Ten years later, large B cell Lymphoma, another ten years passed. Once again I was diagnosed with large B cell Lymphoma. Three years passed and large B cell lymphoma strikes again. Then about a year or so later, I was diagnosed with lung cancer and had the removal of part of my lung.

Will this ever quit?

I have been on the rounds with radiation, chemo, and surgery. Being tired and weak was one of my biggest complaints. I continued working when breast cancer and the first lymphoma came along. I continued to work after the second round of lymphoma was diagnosed and treated. Yes, there were times when I had to stay at home and try to recover from the treatments. Then, I retired, and along came lymphoma again. Then the lung cancer. I thought will this ever quit? I have been in remission for six years or so.

Never give up

God, medical science, and treatment and care have brought me through all of this no doubt. Yes, I suffered, but I never gave up. I never felt sorry for myself or listened when other folks were telling their horror stories. Remember so you think so are you! God has blessed me richly and those who took care of me. I'm eighty years old and happy to be enjoying life. Lucky? No, just blessed!

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