From Cancer to the Community

I am a two-time leukemia survivor, bone marrow transplant recipient, chronic graft versus host disease fighter, stage 3 kidney disease survivor with a long list of other medical diagnoses post transplant-related and side effects of medications. But, I can’t complain and I won’t complain!

You will always see me smiling and doing for others, I’m a servant, this makes me happy. I am an education advocate for the community. As soon as I get out that treatment bed/chair, I’m right back to serving in the community for those that need resources.

Fighting cancer and being a mother

I am very strong, smart, and beautiful, even with the complicated, tough season I’ve been in for the past 5 years. But GOD provides for my family of five.

I have been on this journey since 2012, along with serving my community. I'm putting my oldest daughter through Vanderbilt University for her undergrad degree and she is now 3rd year Law student at Howard University, graduating May 9, 2020.

My second daughter, who this semester transferred from OSU to a community college where she is excelling and very independent. I also have a 3rd daughter who is attending her sophomore year at Texas A&M Commerce. My son, my fourth and last child is working hard as a Leader with various leadership mentor programs in the community with school, church and the local Rotary Club as well as a track and football athlete. My son plans to major in finance and pursue a law degree like his big sister.

Being grateful and giving back

I will not allow my journey to be an obstacle in providing my children this platform to go for whatever they want. I am encouraged by the strength they have shown during my LONG journey with leukemia. Their strength inspires me to keep pushing.

I’m most grateful for the opportunity to serve my community and spread awareness and seek support of ALL cancers. I started by creating a nonprofit organization Team Crush “CRUSHing All CANCER” IN 2012. I’m trusting that my nonprofit will soon flourish so that I may be able to provide people with all cancers daily resources and make it easier for them.

Through my journey, I’ve learned so much and want to share my story with the world.

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