I Used To

Before 1/15/2019 I used to be healthy. I used to have energy, I used to not take ANY medication, I used to remember things really well. I used to love waking up in the morning!

AML Diagnosis

After my AML diagnosis I now look at life a bit different.I am forever grateful for my team of Dr’s that saved my life with the stem cell transplant. I was matched with 3 sisters for a bmt, but by the time I was able to get the transplant I had so many transfusions that we were no longer a match. They registered me on Bethematch, within a few weeks I received notice they had 2 umbilical cords they could use for an stem cell transplant. On Passover I received 2 umbilical cords from Jerusalem, I guess you can’t get more blessed than that. It was a long hard road but with my husband and family by my side I made it through! Now I no longer look back at what I used to be and I am thankful for what I am! May God bless each one of you with the same miracle he bestowed upon me🧡🧡

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