AL Amyloidosis

June 2015 I was diagnosed with AL Amyloidosis. I was 55 years old. Amyloidosis is a plasma cell disorder-Blood Cancer. Symptoms began with severe neuropathy pain in my left foot, big toe. I had been healthy my entire life. No diabetes, no high blood pressure...nothing. My first thoughts were gout or diabetes. Had my annual with my PCP that month and urine results indicated nephrotic syndrome. I was spilling tons of protein through my kidneys in my urine. I was referred to a Nephrologist and she recommended a kidney biopsy which confirmed the AL Amyloidosis diagnosis. The neuropathy pain was excruciating. So, I’m 45 minutes from Boston, MA, and was referred to Tufts Medical Center where a stem cell transplant was performed and has saved my life. I spent one month in the medical center. Thanksgiving 2020 will make 5 years and I am grateful to God, my wife, and family, relatives, and friends for all of their prayers, love, and support.

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