A New World

It was 2 weeks before Christmas when the headaches started and as my work week continued, my headaches seemed to get worse rather than better. My primary doc suggested it was due to stress (which I doubted) but I wasn't sure what else (besides popping ibuprofen) I could do. Long story short, nothing was touching the headaches. By that weekend I called a dear friend who brought me to the local ER in order for testing to happen.

Two brain tumors

I was shocked and speechless when I learned that I had a brain tumor and even more shocked when the ER doc informed me that the ambulance was ready to take me to a larger hospital. Wait! I have to have my family with me! My younger son had to leave a funeral in order to accompany me in the ambulance but the driver waited and before we knew it I was on my way to another hospital where more MRIs were performed & I was prescribed steroids with the findings of yet another brain tumor. My son & I were notified that I had 2 brain tumors, only one of which was operable... the other would need to be treated by chemo.

My universe churned upside down

How? What? Why? My universe churned upside down & without a great deal of fanfare, my son & I decided that I should go through with the brain surgery. Two days later, I was on the operating table, my one tumor was removed successfully and after spending 1 night in the ICU, I was then discharged for home in order to celebrate the holiday with my family. They've stood by me ever since.

I started the chemo in early January 2019 & after 8 months of chemo have been declared cancer-free. WOW! I'm now a year out post-diagnosis for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma & coming up on 1-year post-chemo. All MRIs continue to show no recurring evidence of cancer which is almost as shocking as the original diagnosis.

To continued health

What has gotten me through? So many things: raw determination, family & community support, an amazing medical team, continued education regarding nutrition, exercise & self-help and doing my very best to make lemonade out of lemons. So far, so good.

Here's to continued health for anyone who reads this!

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