Water, Please

When we speak of what helps us maintain the balance within our body composition, water is so very important. Did you realize our bodies are made of 60-70% of water? The properties of water are essential to keep us going, along with food.

So why is this important element so boring for most? Many people head towards caffeine, carbonated beverages, and juices as their liquid make-up alternatives. We know sugar, with its addictive ways, has a way of making a lot of things taste better. I want to touch upon how very important water can be when it comes to blood cancer treatment.

Flush the core

From the beginning, my thought was to drink extra water to flush from my system of all the medical cocktails that were needed in my fight for multiple myeloma. For me, it was common sense to flush the meds out of my system as they were administered.

I know, and can relate, that sometimes water, the flavorless necessity for a healthy system, is not the usual go-to. Though we have other, more desirable, choices that make the need for a liquid source. But these are not the same thing as basic plain water. After treatment and returning to my office, I would have my 22-ounce glass water bottle jug (plus multiple trips to the water dispenser) and drink as much as I could endure, along with a trusty ginger ale, due to some nausea.

Make water sexy

As I mentioned, sometimes the thought of drinking water can be boring for some people. I think the only time people may take to it easily is in the summertime or in a warm climate. But to drink it just to drink it, for some, takes creativity.

So how do you make this bland brew of nothing, part of our DNA, sexy? Well, just as some beverages that try carbonated waters or sugar-based water, the same idea could be used with certain herbs. Herbal infusion helps turn a dull water intake experience to a new level, but running it past your doctor and herbs with your exact treatment should be discussed. I asked my questions and did my research and know that certain herbal concoctions should be rethought with certain treatments.

Other pointers about hydration

Some other areas to consider when it comes to the importance of water are that water helps level off some of those side effects. Maintaining the amount of water intake helps fend off signs of nausea or stomach problems. Water helps make the experience of chemotherapy treatment less trying when it helps you work through those side effects.

Also, depending on which treatment you receive, some treatments may require a saline pre-hydration before starting the actual treatment to get the heart prepared for toxicity.

Although water is so very important, we also must be mindful too much water can take its toll as well. Though the guideline may vary with men and women when it involves water intake, just understand the reasoning to the process.

Water anyone?

 The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile….when you feel like it --Yolanda

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