Preparing For a Safe Doctor Visit

COVID-19 has changed the world and it doesn’t look like it’s changing back anytime soon. There are many precautions in place to protect us, but we also have to be sure we know about all the changing rules in order to visit the doctor about blood cancer or any other condition.

Changing rules

Once we know what to expect, we can plan our medical visits accordingly. For example, I wanted my husband to go to one of my visits with me for an extra set of ears, but he wasn’t allowed without special permission.

After that experience, I thought about all the other rules and thought I would put them all together. Below are a few tips to help prepare for upcoming doctor visits:

Telemed appointments

With Covid and all of its variants, it may be healthier, and easier, to have a telemed appointment instead of an in-person one. For me, every time I see my doctor in person, it costs a lot of money for travel and parking.

Lately, I always ask if a telemed visit is possible. They have been so convenient, saving time and money.

The other nice thing about telemed visits is we don’t have to leave our house. This is nice for when we just don’t feel up to going out or aren’t able to. We may be under the weather, tired, or maybe we are having car issues. They also make it easier to have someone with you to help take notes and be a second set of ears.

Telemed appointments are not for everyone, but they definitely are an alternative when other options aren’t possible.

Ask before going

These days, we have to ask if visitors are able to go to appointments to support us. If you do go to an in-person visit and want to bring someone for support, be sure to ask first. In the world we now live in, it is not always possible to have a visitor with you.

I know this is for the safety of everyone, but if you ask ahead, sometimes it is possible to bring an additional person. Being able to bring someone for moral support is important, so be sure to ask if you would want that.

What safety steps do they take?

What precautions against COVID are being taken - hospitals and medical offices are doing a good job in the face of COVID to keep patients safe. But if you feel uncomfortable, ask how they are dealing with safety.

Do your research

Research issues you are experiencing so you have some information when you go to see the doctor. Asking the right questions usually gets you to the answers you need, but knowing what questions to ask means you need to look into it a little yourself. This will help to shorten your visit.

If you feel uncomfortable about being there and exposing yourself to COVID, then being as prepared as possible will make your visit as short and sweet as it can.

Masks and hand sanitizer

Be sure to have a mask with you. Some people like to have gloves and hand sanitizer as well. I don’t like using so much hand sanitizer, so I bring a little bar of soap with me and keep it in a baggie in my pocketbook.

Hand-washing has been one of our best defences against illness. Being sure to have all of your protective gear will help you to feel a bit more at ease.

Preparation will help keep us safe

We all need to change with the times. Unfortunately, COVID is here and will be here for the immediate future. We need to do what we can to protect ourselves and others. We can’t become complacent as time goes on, but instead we must continue to do everything we can to stay safe. One of the things is to prepare ahead of time. This will save you time and frustration.

Wishing you health and happiness.

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