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Scared Management

I know not everyone handles life turmoil in the same way, which is why we’re all so unique in how we cope with blood cancer. So what do we do when we have to depend on only ourselves to get through? For those fortunate to have a huge support system, it doesn’t make the news or the diagnosis any less unsettling. I know being uncertain is not an easy concept, and it’s not supposed to be easy in how we channel energy in handling multiple myeloma or any other type of blood cancer.

One day at a time... and ice cream

All we can do is take each step and each day one at a time. We can’t swallow the whole plate in one gulp. What does the day bring you, more or less pain than yesterday? Do you have a better appetite today than yesterday? If so, top it off with some healthy components, like some greens with that burger, or some water with lemon wedges with that hearty soup. If it makes sense at that moment then go for it. Don’t forget to end it with a few scoops of ice-cream for making it a better day.

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A book and faith

Depending on your faith, it’s never a bad idea to embrace your faith and learn some lessons of coping with adversity. I remember my mother instilling Psalm 23 in me, and though we didn’t hit up church every Sunday she always enjoyed reading the bible for the strength she needed to get through hardships. I as well have followed the same script. It has calmed me from making rash decisions by reading the bible.

Literally, walking and regrouping it’s not only for the exercise aspect. Take the time to reflect on the situation by walking while taking in your surroundings, and letting faith take the wheel.

Nothing takes the place in getting some alone time, even when it involves having a one on one conversation with yourself. Talking yourself through the reality of yes, you have this diagnosis, and yes, you have to handle what comes with it. There will be times that will indeed take inner strength to get through it all. It’s okay to talk yourself into believing it.

Capture the funny

I know I’ve written something before about keeping laughter in the mix and I continue the same sentiment. Last night I was watching “The Stephen Colbert Show”, and he did an imitation that nearly split my pants. I was bent over in laughter, my husband ran in the room to see what the commotion was, as I was snorting and the whole bit... but I tell you, I felt so good doing so. It’s something about laughter that can make those worries dissipate for as long as needed. The interesting thing was hearing me laugh and being one at that moment. I know some years back in treatment, those were some rough patches, and the fact I made it through and still maintaining is comforting.

Though scary days are part of the package understand that the process usually involves tips similar to those mentioned along with ice cream. Don’t forget the ice cream!

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile….when you feel like it

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