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The definition of sacrifice means:

to offer as a sacrifice. to suffer the loss of, give up, renounce, injure, or destroy especially for an ideal, belief, or end. 3. : to sell at a loss.

When diagnosed with blood cancer or any debilitating health concern, along with an array of emotions and gaining a coping mechanism for it all, is sacrifice. I’m not sure if that’s a backburner thought or one many consider earlier on. What do you have to give up if recently diagnosed with blood cancer? Let’s talk about it-

My body, my anchor

Well, part of this experience if we delve into the meaning of the word, sacrifice is literally giving up our body for a period of time so that some kind of order is brought about. We sacrifice our bodies to be plucked and pulled with this medication or that, with a hopefulness of more time and easier management of the disease.

Sacrificing your body with people that you only hope have your best interest at heart is not an easy decision; Though you may be approached with how dire it is to proceed with x, y, or z there’s still a comfort level needed in doing so. You’re not only moving forward with the decisions you make, but your body is also hoping for the best in this transaction.


For many, families may be heavily affected by everything our bodies may be dealing with it at times. If you have a young family and are now being diagnosed with multiple myeloma or other blood-related cancer, it can be a trial. When younger children want to run and play, you now have to explain that you’re not able to because of this pain or that pain, or the unpopular but very real existence of fatigue.

Understandably younger children will not fully understand, and you don’t want your kids to miss out on being kids, but when you see them show compassion because they know something is going on with you, well that is a good sign of how they’ll fare when they get older.

When the holidays and milestones are in the midst, and you can’t take part in them as before due to fatigue or pain; It can be a bummer despite everyone in the family understanding the situation, and frankly, just happy to have you around for the festivities for another go at it at all.

Pay me now, or later

So, is there a sacrifice in getting together with friends and family, or showing up to those events you thought would never occur since your diagnosis? Well, it really depends on you and what is worth the risk and sacrifice.

The sacrifice of making a grandchild’s first sporting game, sitting around strangers while battling with a compromised immune system, may be a pay-me-later sacrifice.

Perhaps, it’s a milestone anniversary with a spouse traveling abroad or a cruise, well which may be a pay-me later sacrifice as well.

It boils down to where you are in the present and what is attainable, and if it’s achievable, will the outcome of you taking part in whatever it is make things worse? It’s all about the decisions that are constantly on the table, but you have some control over what and how you wish to move around it…or not.

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile….when you feel like it

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