Open Letter

Hey there, my name is, well I don’t have a name per se - I’m the other half of our friend Yolanda. I wanted to write this open letter to her and others faced with adversity. Though I’m using her body to write to her, my thoughts are all my own. We’ve had a pleasant upbringing, and through some trying instances, she’s grown to be loyal, reliable yet at times reserved. I’m fortunate to be assigned her as we’ve both had to learn from each other.

I have to say when she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, well I thought for sure I would lose her. Her trust in God while continuing to be fierce in all that she has done makes for a good conversation. This letter is to let her know I never have, nor ever will allow her to give up, as we are one until the end.

You have cancer

She lost it for a minute. I knew it before she actually heard the words from her doctor. Although I knew it first, Yolanda would not believe me if I told her first. What was a quick fix? How does this get resolved? I didn’t have the heart to tell her she had to put in the work of what a lot of people with various forms of cancer have to do, and that is ask questions, start treatment, and hope for the best.

It really sucked too because we were doing some wonderful things. Her crappy job opened her spirit to continue with her entrepreneurial spirit while continuing to grind for a seat at the table. I love her tenacity to keep at it, even when she had no clue how things will work themselves out. Again, I know things, but sometimes she doesn’t tap me when she needs advice - she’s tough like that. However, when she heard those words, we lost a bit of her being, and though I tried to enforce we got this, well, it took her a bit to gather her thoughts and move forward diligently as she has.

The future dimmer and bright

Though the future seems unclear, Yolanda, I want you to know you’re doing want you’re supposed to do which is live to the fullest, through dimmer and bright. For all the beautiful people out there having a trying time with such diagnosis; it is this time of strife your will is tested to the fullest. We did the work in following the treatment plan scheduled but we made it to the words “in remission”.

The statistics listed made the outlook doubtful, but you learned that each case is different and that your experience is just that, your experience. So many events have taken place since then, good and bad but we have pushed through together. You are learning that life has these assigned trigger points of the dimmer and bright, and with this thought, we understand that though our initial doubt is dim, lessons are learned in strength.

Your mantra: “You Got This” and I say to you, you most definitely have!

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile….when you feel like it

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