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New Year Resolutions Can Bring Surprises (Part 1)

Every year I make new year resolutions and typically, they don’t last. I am much better at making a plan anytime and then (usually) sticking with it. I make it a point to take baby steps toward my goal to help me accomplish it. I start with my goal in mind and then think about the end result and how it will make me feel. This helps me to plan the steps I need to get there. For me, this works.

My 2020 New Year's resolution

I started making goals when I was fourteen and doing that seems to fit my personality. I love writing them down and revisiting them. I even tweak them and occasionally, I get rid of one altogether. I like looking back at them because it makes me feel good to see what I have accomplished. I think what I like about them is the challenge to complete them because sometimes, they are a challenge.

So during the holidays of 2019, Crystal challenged me to walk every day until the New Year. After her bout with cancer, she was determined to have healthier habits and she took up running. She loved it so much, she decided to become a run coach and got started with a group of people. Her holiday challenge was a way to keep everyone motivated until the next training session in January. Although I don’t run, I took her up on it. It was short and sweet, and I accomplished it easily. But I also loved it.

I had been an avid walker in the past and for whatever reason, stopped walking consistently. However, Crystal’s challenge got me back in the groove and I decided to make walking every day throughout the year 2020 my New Year’s resolution. On December 31st, 2020, I accomplished that goal. I started by walking a mile a day, upped it to two miles in February, and when COVID-19 hit, I started walking three and sometimes even more miles each day. I ended up with an average of over three miles every day. This year, I plan to walk at least three miles daily and increase my mileage for the year.

Walking helps me with everything else

Walking is a healthy habit and one I’ve talked about before in other posts. Exercise isn’t the only key to good health as there is diet, sleep habits, stress, socialization, and just so much more that helps us to be healthy. But, getting out in the fresh air every day for an hour, really helps me with everything else. So making walking my goal for 2020 seemed perfect.

Sometimes you start with a goal, hoping for a certain outcome, but then a surprise happens. When I started walking, I knew it would help me to feel good and become a bit more fit. When I walked in the past, it was a way to relieve the day’s stresses and just have some time that was solely for me. I always felt better after I was done and knew I would feel the same now, and I did. Movement is life and I knew I needed to move more. Walking every day was helping me to sleep, destress, eat better - all the things I thought would happen, but then I had a big surprise.

Twice a year I go to see my doctor. The first visit is to do scans and blood work. My second visit typically consists of an ultrasound and more blood work. When I went for my scans in May of last year, I was in for a big surprise!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series to find out what the surprise was!

Wishing you health & happiness

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