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The Importance of “Things to Look Forward To”

A blood cancer survivor may experience a wide range of emotions. I experienced many emotions this past year intensified as a cancer survivor dealing with my husband’s cancer diagnosis, surgery, and chemotherapy.

Dreading winter and upcoming tests

I found myself in a "funk" and really dreading this winter. I needed something to lift my spirits. Additionally, my annual CAT scan is scheduled at this time which causes me “scan-xiety."

Since life can get us down in more ways than one, a strategy to get through troubles is by having something to look forward to.

Looking forward to even the smallest parts of your day can improve your outlook on life.

Create small activities that may enhance your day

Try to find a purpose in your day.

  • Add an upcoming movie, TV series or book to your calendar. For example, my favorite romance series has a new book coming out in November which I have added to my calendar as well as start dates of my favorite TV shows.
  • Do something special on a weekend. We started “date night”, a lovely dinner at our favorite restaurant.
  • Make plans with a dear friend. This week we had an unexpected visit with our special friends It lifted my spirits. Planning a day trip with a good friend makes me feel like I am living rather than just existing.
  • Do things that “you love”. Sitting in your yard, walking on the beach, shopping. I enjoy reading in my backyard accompanied by my dog.
  • Try a new experience. Something you normally would not do.
  • Schedule regular self-help rituals. Manicure, massage, haircut, yoga classes. Each of these activities are fun and provide comfort. I recently joined a massage club which allows me to enjoy a massage every month. I find this so relaxing.
  • Plan for situations rather than waiting for them to happen.

Create your own activity

Look at what you find as fun and put your time and energy toward making it happen.

  • Put together an Entertainment calendar. Include concerts, movies etc. I started a plan for each month, a day trip this month to Cape May with friends, a visit with children next month and a family Christmas party here in early December.
  • Plan a dream vacation. Thanks to my phenomenal daughter-in-law who recognized our difficulty in planning a vacation. She volunteered to care for our dog so that we can plan a winter vacation. I am blessed to have such a caring person in my life. This vacation combined with my daily list of activities has helped greatly improve my mood and outlook.

The more you practice giving yourself something to look forward to, the more life will be awesome. You have an abundance of good things to consider. Write down your ideal day and book in a few things to look forward to.

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