Feeling Let Down Again

Last updated: June 2021

I'm feeling incredibly frustrated and angry with the fertility consultant I have been seeing. They are the lead consultant so I can’t believe they haven’t done some things that I’ve just found about, that could have been done LAST SUMMER. This is the second time this consultant has let me down. The first time was 14 years ago when he put me down as a private patient and in 24 hours I had to find £6,000 (about $8,300 USD) for my fertility treatment even though it should have been done as part of my cancer treatment. I thought I was over than anger. Until today.

I'm changing consultants

Today I saw a different fertility consultant, who I am going to request from now on. I’m going to let the hospital know how unhappy I am. Today I found out that the first fertility consultant hasn’t applied to see if my fertility treatment is covered by the NHS if I’m with my complicated man or if I’m using a sperm donor, or if I have to pay either way. Or if I’m covered with ‘my man’ but have to pay if I use a donor, or if I just have to pay for the sperm but the rest of covered, AND I also need to speak to the fertility counselor as I may be using a donor and probably have to pass mental health checks.

What I’m SO p***ed off about is that I told the first fertility consultant that I might be doing it on my own when we had our appointment in the summer and he hasn’t done his job. What an utter. Well. He hasn’t looked after me and done what he should have done.

So yet more hoops to jump through.

Having a baby makes it all worth it

Luckily this new consultant that I saw today is on it and will apply for funding for me and gave me the councelor's name so I can phone in and book it and just hope that my treatment is covered. If it isn’t, well, I’ll just have to really tighten my belt and re-assess a lot of things. If I am covered with ‘my man’ and not as a single woman, well, if he really isn’t on board I will also have to try very hard not to be so completely and utterly p****d off with him for changing his tune the minute I said I was going to talk to my hematology consultant about coming off treatment and having a baby.

So, the next appointment with fertility will happen soon. I need to book it after I get my leukaemic rate back in five days and see what happens.

If I get fertility consultant number 1 again I will be asking some very serious questions about their complete lack of care towards me. I’m not 22 anymore. I will stand up to him and tell him how I feel. Because it’s simply not good enough. I think he thinks I have loads of money because of how I talk. Anyway, let’s hope the next post is a bit more upbeat! And that I pass the mental health stuff...

I just need to focus on the end of this and the baby which is what I want, and that it is all worth it.

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