Tips for Intentional Decision-making

As 2023 rolls in as a new year to a fresh start; it may feel like there are remnants of 2022 or the past attached. You may wonder how you proceed with a new year or opportunity. Frankly, you don’t know what it’ll bring.

If there’s any consolation, none of us truly knows what the New Year will bring, but we hold on to hope while doing our part to ensure that some changes are put into place. Speaking with a dear friend, we discussed some of what we hope for in the new year. The biggest takeaway is that despite what is happening and how we go about it, making sure that being intentional is part of the process.

Intentional decisions

Making tough decisions is part of blood cancer. The should I or shouldn’t I, and finding the best fit. Sometimes that takes some calculations that are not exactly from a mathematician's textbook.

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Intentional decisions are about understanding the road of being present to what is happening, but also doing your part in showing up for the fight.

I understand the go-with-the-flow mentally, as we all process differently, but there’s also something to be said when showing up with the intention to show "all the way out" in fighting your cancer. If it means asking those questions in the back of your mind, and getting to the point of not apologizing for asking, or asking yet again, about the direction of your care, then so be it.

Ready or not

The idea is that even when you’re over this fuss of survival, you may still have to show up as the guest of honor. Yes, taking breaks from the other elements that surround you may be necessary, but learning to work around those challenges, are also part of this ready or not process.

We may be familiar with showing up to functions, when not really in the mood, but still showing up despite it all. The intention of making efforts that help in moving forward, because life is about progression, no matter what is going on...good with the bad.

Intentional tips

To start the year in the right direction; let’s consider some of these possibilities of moving forward despite cancer:

  • Being kind - It reeks to have to deal with blood cancer, but this is what it is. What are you going to do now, be totally miserable? Sometimes when I find myself going down that rabbit hole, I take a small step back to readjust my thoughts and remember, I don’t have to stay in the negative lane, and how I approach things with general kindness goes far in making me mindful of the present and my energy being in the present.
  • Clarity - Be clear with the results you want and claim them. When you move about with wanting to be better and live better, you then understand the importance of reaching it- be intentional about your clarity.
  • Manifest your joy - I’ve had friends drill into me the importance of manifestation and claiming what they want in their life. As the new year finds its way remember to be intentional in what you want in improving your health with cancer.


 The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile….when you feel like it

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